5 tips on navigating redundancy

Navigating a redundancy can be challenging; it can leave you feeling confused and anxious and you may feel as though there’s no one to turn to. If you are finding it difficult to navigate through this uncertain time and are unsure about what steps to take next, you’re in the right place.


Know Your Rights: Being aware of your rights is imperative to ensuring you are being treated fairly. By law, employees are entitled to certain entitlements such as notice periods, redundancy pay, and the right to a consultation.


Seek Legal Advice: Navigating his uncertain time alone can feel daunting. Employing the help of legal professionals who specialise in employment law will help you make more informed decisions.


Review the Documentation: Be sure to pay close attention to the entitlements that have been agreed on only our redundancy notice or documentation. If you require clarification, asking for more information from your employer or seeking help from a. Qualified professionals will help.


Explore Alternatives: Discussing alternative options with your employer such as alternative roles within the company may help you secure a more desirable outcome.


Plan for the Future: Taking proactive steps such as networking, updating your CV, and considering development opportunities can help turn an unfortunate circumstance into an opportunity for career growth.


At Fairmont, we want our clients to feel equipped with the information they need to navigate their legal matters with confidence. If you need legal support from a team you can trust, contact us today for free initial advice and take one step toward a future with more clarity.


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