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Housing Disrepair

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We know and understand how frustrating it can be living in a property with disrepair. We will fight on behalf of the tenant on a strictly no win no fee basis to remedy any condition and disrepair breaches in the property. If the landlord has been given notice that the property needs repairs, but the repairs have not been carried out in a reasonable time, then you can make a claim for Housing Condition/Disrepair. Please note it is the landlord’s obligation for you to live in a property without disrepair.

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When we first speak to you, we will gather key information about your tenancy and property. Once we have established that you can bring a claim against your landlord, we will discuss the relevant funding options with you. Depending on the circumstances we will be able to help fight your side and make a claim on a no-win fee basis.

You can also claim for any damaged possessions in your property due to disrepair as well as a compensation claim.

Issues of disrepair can include:

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