Settlement Applications

There are two main statuses under the EU Settlement Scheme:

Settled Status

This status is granted to individuals who can demonstrate continuous residence in the UK for five years or more. It allows them to stay indefinitely in the UK and access public services.

Pre-Settled Status

Individuals who haven’t completed five years of continuous residence by the end of the transition period can obtain Pre-Settled Status, which enables them to stay for up to five years. Afterwards, they can apply for Settled Status.


Applying to the EU  Settlement Scheme involves providing evidence of identity, residence, and, in some cases, a criminal record check. The application is primarily done online, and you will need to submit the required documents to support your application.  The application deadline for most applicants was June 30, 2021. It’s important to meet this deadline to secure your immigration status in the UK, although there may be limited exceptions for late applications in certain circumstances.

Family members of EU, EEA, or Swiss citizens who were in the UK by December 31, 2020, can also apply to the scheme, even if they are not EU nationals themselves. This provision ensures that family unity is preserved during the immigration process.

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