What Is A Shariah Compliant Will

For Muslims living in the West, not having a valid Shariah Compliant Will in accordance with Islamic beliefs is not an option.  It is of utmost importance that provisions are in place to protect both yourself and your loved ones, to ensure your estate is distributed in a manner which is prescribed for you, while making sure that your Will is legally valid.  

An Islamic, or Shariah compliant Will is one that adheres to the principles of the Islamic law of succession.  

At least two-thirds of a deceased’s estate must be distributed between living relatives according to predetermined shares. 

Up to one-third of the estate can be donated to anyone in a Will who is not eligible for a fixed share. 

Whilst you have the freedom to choose who you wish to inherit a third of your estate, most people choose to donate some or even all of this to charity. It is preferred that the charity is one with continuous and ongoing rewards even after the person has passed, for example; to benefit the poor, planting a tree, sponsoring an orphan or contributing towards building a mosque, school.